• Thomas Wunder

Essentials of Strategic Management

Effective Formulation and Execution of Strategy

Advanced, compact and practice-oriented: from strategic analysis through strategy development to the true challenges of strategic management as well as current topics like business modeling and strategy alignment.

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  • Prevailing key themes of strategic management
  • Best practices from German, Swiss, Austrian and international companies
  • Including extensive exercises and practice-oriented case studies
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1. Auflage 2016

Written in English, this practice-oriented textbook covers all stages of the strategy process. Besides strategic analysis and strategy development, the true challenges of strategic management, which is operationalization and implementation on various levels, will also be considered in detail.

Further focus: current issues like business modelling and strategy alignment. Ideal for English-language events at universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Advanced, compact, pragmatic, practice-oriented!

  • Including extensive exercises and practice-oriented case studies for students
  • Including teaching aids for lecturers


Thomas Wunder

Thomas Wunder is professor of business administration with a focus on corporate management at the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU). He was a lecturer in strategic management at universities in Switzerland and the USA, previously Managing Director of Péter Horváth & Partners Inc. in Boston and Atlanta and Relationship Executive at Highland Worldwide. The focus of work is strategy implementation, international strategy comparison and sustainable strategic management.